Gateway to downtown being studied

Posted Jul 14, 2014

The city is studying the stretch of George St. between Perry and Sherbrooke streets - one of the major gateways to the downtown - to find ways to improve traffic flow, reduce collisions and improve the corridor for pedestrians and cyclists.

A concept plan that's one of the options being considered includes pedestrian islands along the middle of the street, left-turn lanes, cycling lanes and light poles that are similar to the poles along downtown streets.

There's a public meeting at the Peterborough Public Library from 4-8 pm on Tuesday, July 15 to discuss the study. There will be a presentation at 4 pm and again at 7 pm.

Here's a photo of the current condition of the street.


And here's a concept being considered.



AuthorJoel Wiebe

Date Posted Jul 14, 2014, 9:39 pm